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Multi-award-winning fiction writer

My books are centred around horror. The themes are Vampires, Paranormal activity, Serial killers, Supernatural suspense, and Murder crime dramas. My third book is my only nonfiction book based on my 27 years of tenure in my former career in the hair industry.

Len Handeland, award-winning author, wearing a black suit and smiling confidently.
Len Handeland, award-winning author, wearing a black suit and smiling confidently.

About Len Handeland

Len Handeland is a multi-award-winning author. Over the years, his creativity took him from attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in Manhattan to hair. He studied fashion illustration, then, years later, a long and successful 27-year career in the hair industry as a sought-after hairstylist, hair colorist, and salon owner. 

Len specializes in fiction, specifically horror, vampire, paranormal, supernatural, serial killer, and crime drama novels. His books have won several awards, including The Spring 2022 Booksfest, Literary Titan, and Firebird awards. Len has enjoyed writing since middle school.

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The Darkest Gift

Award-winning novel (Bookfest first place), “The Darkest Gift,” is the story of Jack Devereaux, who struggles with his sexual identity and meets elegant yet incredibly mysterious Laurent Richelieu. Jack thinks his stroke of bad luck with men and women has ended, or is it the beginning of a nightmare?

The two begin their courtship—during that time, Jack encounters many horrifying experiences involving vampirism, paranormal experiences, and possible reincarnation, making him question his sanity. The more time Jack spends with his mysterious European love interest, Laurent, the more revealed about the dark secret awaiting Jack. Are they destined to be together? —does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is a more sinister plot involved with two other vampires from Laurent’s past, Stefan and Fabien? Can the help of a self-described Voodoo High Priestess, “Queen Raphaella,” alter Jack’s predestined future, or is his fate already sealed? The story covers many periods. From 18th century Paris to the later part of 20th century New Orleans and Haiti, where vampires roam and feast on the blood of innocent mortals, spirits appear, physical and spiritual love survives all odds, and good engages evil in an unwinnable battle. This novel is currently being considered for an adaptation of a mini-series or major motion picture by HBO, Apple TV, and Paramount-Plus. 

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The Darkest Passages

My fifth novel is the sequel to "The Darkest Gift" titled "The Darkest Passages."
Fabien Levesque has been a reluctant vampire ever since he was turned against his will by Stefan, his maker and ex-lover. But the nightmare isn't over. The powerful voodoo high-priestess Raphaella is seeking revenge. Together, their formidable evil allows Stefan to possess the body of Fabien's lover, Laurent Richelieu. Forced to flee New Orleans, Fabien seeks refuge in San Francisco, where he encounters vampire royalty and a renowned vampire hunter in an underground nightclub called the "Wolf's Eye" in the SOMA neighborhood. When Fabien discovers that his allies also seek to defeat Stefan, united vengeance becomes the obvious solution. However, he faces the challenge of persuading Raphaella to use her voodoo magic to release Stefan from Laurent's body and send Stefan back to hell. If Fabien fails, mortals everywhere will become innocent victims of Stefan's unrelenting bloodlust, and soon, his vampire army will destroy all of humanity!

Book cover of 'Requiem for Miriam' by Len Handeland

Requiem for Miriam

Award-winning novel (Literary Titan award) "Requiem for Miriam" is a story about love, deception, anger, and the dark side some humans possess. Set in Manhattan, Westchester County, New Orleans, and Mexico in the 1980s, it's the story of a man, Sidney Friedlander, trapped in a loveless marriage to a woman he no longer loves. He's desperate to feel love and passion in his otherwise dull existence. Sidney's search leads him to a stunning woman who reignites the passion deep within his soul. Their plot to kill his troublesome wife is sinister and diabolical. His wife's spirit vows revenge and will not rest until he is brought to justice! This novel will surely satisfy those readers looking for suspense, intrigue, mystery, and paranormal activity! 

Book cover of 'Tales from the Chair' by Len Handeland

Tales From The Chair

My third book, "Tales from the Chair," is my only nonfiction.


Tales from the Chair is the story of my experiences over the past twenty-seven years in a career known for creativity, artistry, and self-expression, a profession known as the hair industry. A job where I was surrounded by equally talented hair professionals who sometimes were entirely off the wall. It's the story of my interactions with some former coworkers and clients that were positive and meaningful and some downright contentious. While some of these individuals endeared themselves, I barely tolerated others. To some former clients, I was not only their hair guru but their therapist as well. This is the story of my humble beginnings, struggles, failures, and triumphs of being a sought-after hairstylist, colorist, best friend to some, and Bay Area hair salon owner. Welcome to the beautiful, wacky world of hair!

Book cover of 'Transplanted Evil' by Len Handeland

Transplanted Evil

My fourth novel, “Transplanted Evil,” is a supernatural suspense novel. Some might even describe it as a psychological horror novel. 


Meet Elizabeth Bennington. A shy young girl raised in privilege with a distant and uncaring father and a doting and overly protective mother outside of Boston in the neighboring town of Charlestown. Yet, despite coming from wealth, Elizabeth was born with a congenital heart condition, leading to bullying at school, hopelessness, and a failed suicide attempt rescued by her parents. She is sent to Bourneville psychiatric hospital, where she undergoes transformative therapy sessions, dramatically improving her outlook on life. She is released after a year. But Elizabeth has a secret: she can see into the future and is haunted by recurring nightmares foreshadowing unspeakable acts of murder involving a mysterious young man with hair the color of a raven splattered with blood. Marty Bowles attends school with Elizabeth and is madly in love with her, almost obsessed with her. Marty’s propensity for violence at school, his depraved lust for killing stray animals, and his involvement with the black arts, including demonic worship, conjuring a demon named Kashgar, and possession, directly threaten her. Could Marty be the mysterious young man in her nightmares who will stop at nothing to gain her love and unite them with his sinister plan?

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The Darkest Gift

Requiem for Miriam

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